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      GNB USA

      NB is well known for its ability to successfully engineer and manufacture vacuum products for the most difficult of applications. While others in the industry can claim to manufacture larger quantities of gate valves, GNB is highly renowned and the market leader for 1. Large sized gate valves (we have built some of the largest in the world, and our space simulation valves are used in the most prestigious space agencies around the world), 2. High-temperature gate valves (our water-cooled valves are used in extreme temperatures for casting, forging, heat treating, and silicon growing applications), 3. Valves for highly contaminated environments (many valve makers have experience with clean room valves, but GNB leads the way in environments such as coatings, metal spatter, broken glass, powders, and metal chunks. 4 Valves integrated into systems (because GNB manufactures, chambers, valves, and accessories we routinely combine them to reduce costs and space), and 5. Valve customization (GNB has built custom valves for the most demanding applications including low shock, radiation, tight physical sizes, unique shapes and sealing mechanisms, different types of drive mechanisms and extreme temperature ranges—no one has a broader range of experience). Since 2005, GNB is transitioning from a company culture of a custom engineering/fabrication shop to a world-class manufacturing organization. In 2008, we completed the requirements for ISO 9000 certification.

      ?We continue to invest in our company. Since moving to the Elk Grove facility, we have dramatically increased our capacity by adding three large CNC mills, two smaller mills, a large CNC 5-axis waterjet, several new leak test stations, and many weld stations. We have also added 20,000 sq. ft. of floor space.

      ?Today we specialize in vacuum valves, vacuum chambers, and vacuum hardware accessories. The two qualities that set GNB apart from our competition are our ability to make large products (if you can find a way to transport it, we have the equipment to build it) and our experience of successfully engineering products for the most difficult applications.

      ?From a small garage shop type business to a 70,000 sq. ft. the facility, GNB has a reputation of developing great products at reasonable prices. Our mission is to provide highly successful vacuum products for science and industry. Along the way, we have satisfied many customers, and we have participated in some remarkable scientific applications.

      ?As of August 2016, we were?pleased to announce that GNB Corporation is a part of the KL family of companies. ?As far as capabilities are concerned, little has changed. ?GNB remains a California corporation and has?retained all of its existing personnel and competencies. ?However, in addition to the valves, chambers, and baffles?which GNB has been providing to customers since 1968, GNB will also be the US manufacturer and distributor of Adventure products. ?This allows us to sell a full range of high-quality vacuum components such as flanges,?fittings, viewports, gate valves, angle valves, and semiconductor wafer transfer valves.